Set a thousand sails to race through the waves,forge ahead bravely to explore a new way-Review of Far East events in 2020

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  2020 is destined to be an extraordinary year,

  We have a clear and pure mind, and live up to our youth,

  We seek opportunities in crisis and turn crisis into opportunity,

  Set sail in the sea,

  Ride the wind and waves in the ups and downs

  Development panorama

  Firmly set targeted goals and implement great strategies

  The year 2020 will mark the end of the 13th Five-Year Plan and the start of the 14th Five-Year Plan. Under the opportunity of "New Infrastructure Establish Plan", Far East will focus on its main business and make steady progress in the three major undertakings of industry, charity and education, making steady progress towards the great goal of "To be number one but two".

  Based on the energy Internet intelligent equipment manufacturing and industry solution provider, listed companies in the Far East energy co., LTD., firm has been researching constantly wisdom energy and wisdom urban areas and focusing on four big business. The company constantly enhanced comprehensive competitiveness in the first three quarters, with the sales volume reached 14.027 billion yuan, up 19.50% from a year earlier, and the net profit reached 174 million yuan.

  In 2020, Far East was once again listed on the "Top 500 Chinese Companies" and "Top 500 Asian Brands".

  Response jointly to challenges

  Fulfill our original mission,and make efforts for the epidemic

  The year 2020 is destined to be an extraordinary year. At present, the Far East has responded positively and acted quickly, joined in the prevention and control of the epidemic, and worked together with the rest of the country to overcome difficulties.


  Far East cable went backward and rushed to the rescue, providing a large number of cable products for Wuhan Vulcan Mountain and Thor Mountain, which accounts for 70% of the cables used in the Thor Mountain project. Subsequently, Far East Cable has repeatedly provided a large number of cable products for epidemic prevention and control projects in many places such as Suzhou, Xi 'an, Longtan, Guangxi, and Bengbu, Anhui.

  At the critical moment of serious shortage of anti epidemic materials, Far East actively undertook its social responsibility and donated 2000 sets of protective clothing and 10000 KN95 masks to Yixing Municipal Health Commission, making greater contributions to epidemic prevention and control.


  In the face of the epidemic, the Far East has focused on prevention and control of the epidemic and resumption of work and production at the same time to balance both prevention and control of the epidemic and production safety.

  The global layout

  Expand overseas markets and win global trust       

  Adhering to comprehensive internationalization, the Far East is bucking the trend and continuously advancing its global layout. It won the Haifan Award sponsored by the People’ s Daily, adding new achievements to the brand globalization.

  The cable industry continues to develop. It formally opens distribution franchise, realizes full coverage of direct selling and distribution. 46 new stores will be opened in 2020, and 789 registered dealers will be registered. In January, Far East Cable was awarded the AEO Senior Certification of China Customs; In July, the company was certified by ABS and UL in the United States. In October, It was invited to attend the 15th ASIASOLAR Asia Photo voltaic Innovation Exhibition and Cooperation Forum; In December, the company obtained the first European E-mark type certification (E1) issued by the German Ministry of Transport (KBA) for EV in-car high-voltage cables.

  The battery industry has started its business. In March, Far East Battery successfully held the Italian order delivery ceremony; In July, the battery pack products independently developed by Far East Battery were highly recognized and successfully shipped by the customers of VinFast in Vietnam. With years of industry accumulation, Far East battery is exploring overseas.

  The airport industry is forging ahead. Steady progress has been made in projects such as Ndola Airport in Zambia, Luanda New International Airport in Angola, Villana Airport in Maldives, Saisai Airport in Mozambique, Kala Airport in Nepal and Kathmandu Airport in Nepal.

  Under the global epidemic, the vast majority of people in the Far East have been going ahead bravely. They have continued to expand overseas markets in Indonesia, Myanmar, Chile and other places to fight the epidemic together with the people of the world.


  Continue to expand strategic partners, and signed strategic cooperation agreements with many partners such as Brilliance Xinri, Baoshide, Niu, Nunbo, Nanjing Iron and Steel Co., Ltd.

  Super Engineering

  Export the wisdom of Far East, and highlight the elegance of a great country

  In May, the Far East cable was designed for the Baihetan Hydropower Station. The cable was successfully installed and put into trial operation;

  Under the wave of new infrastructure construction, ± 800 kv HVDC transmission between Qinghai and Henan project participated by the company started;

  In November, the Three Gorges Project participated by the company was completed;

  Anhui cable has helped Hualong-1 grid connected successfully, and has passed the assessment of the European user and obtained the UUE certification.

  The third China International Import Expo was held. As natural gas distributed energy station project designer of the National Convention and Exhibition Center in Shanghai , Aineng power escorts the Expo.

  Quality first

  Build leading brand, and tamp quality foundation

  The brand value of Far East has reached a new high, with a brand value of 81.018 billion yuan. It has once again been listed in the "Top 500 Asian Brands", and won the honor of "Top 10 Influential Brands in Asia" and "Top 10 Leading Brands in China ".

  Industry leading position further consolidated. In 2020 China Electric Power "Golden Rooster Hundred Flowers Award", Far East won the first place of Top 10 Wire and Cable Brands; In December, Far East won the honor of "Top 10 Most Competitive Enterprises in the Global Cable Industry in 2020" and "Top 10 Excellent Brands" in the Intelligent Building Electrical Appliance Industry.

  Many awards on quality cast "quality lifeline". Far East cable was selected as "qualified product under national supervision and inspection, and the environmental protection product consumer trust ", and was awarded as the advanced member unit of Jiangsu Quality Association; Far East Composite Technology has won the honors of National Quality Bench marking Enterprise in 2020, Jiangsu Quality Bench marking Enterprise in 2020, Jiangsu Quality Credit Grade AA Enterprise and so on.

  Innovation and empowerment

  Adhere to innovation and create excellence, and stimulate endogenous motivation

  In 2020, Far East participated in the revision and formulation of 24 standards, and 35 new products passed the appraisal.

  Far East continues to gain authority in the field of technological innovation. In this year, the company won the second prize of the National Science and Technology Progress Award, the China Patent Excellence Award, the Science and Technology Award of China Machinery Industry, the second prize of Jiangsu Province Science and Technology Award, the Achievement Transformation Award and Invention Award of Jiangsu Science and Technology Innovation Award, and the Wuxi Patent Award.

  In August, the signing ceremony of industry-university-research cooperation between Far East and Xi 'an Jiaotong University were held, which includes the inauguration ceremony of cable industry technology innovation research institute. It further promotes the in-depth integration of industry and university research.


  Innovation is in the DNA of the Far East. At the beginning of this year, the first Oriental Innovation Case Competition was successfully held. The second Oriental Innovation Case Competition is in progress. All the members of the Far East Innovation Competition are in action. 


  As a leading enterprise in the industry, Far East holds the banner of innovation and explores the way to build industrial products brand, which has been widely concerned and recognized. It has won the highest award of management science, management science award, Golden Flag Grand Prize, IAI International Advertising Award and other authoritative awards.

  Intelligent manufacturing

  Seize the opportunities and accelerate transformation and upgrading

  Adhere to the comprehensive digitization, comprehensive intelligence, and based on the trend of the digital transformation of the manufacturing industry, the company constantly promote the process of digitization and intelligence.

  Far East Composite Technology is the only enterprise to win the 2020 Global Energy Management Leadership Award; Far East Cable was included in the green manufacturing list of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and New Far East Cable Co., Ltd. is regarded as a green factory, and driving the industrial transformation with green manufacturing.

  Scientific and technological innovation is creating more momentum for development. Fast-East Composite Technology won the title of "Private Science and Technology Enterprise of Jiangsu Province" and "Demonstration Intelligent Workshop of Jiangsu Province". Far East Special Cable Co., Ltd., Far East New Material Co., Ltd., was selected 2020 science and technology SMEs list in Jiangsu Province.

  Based on its achievements and experience in digital transformation, Far East was selected as the first batch of provincial industrial Internet development enterprises in 2020, the highest level of "Five-star Cloud Enterprise", and won the honor of "Excellent Practice of Digital Transformation in the Yangtze River Delta in 2020". In Jiangsu industrial Internet conference for identification analysis and construction application, the Far East became one of the 10 online identification analysis secondary nodes.

  Talent leadership

  Build talent highland, and gather development energy


  The company adhere to building a learning organization, promote strategic and business transformation, and accelerate the training of organizational talent. In 2020, on the 10th anniversary of the founding of Far East University, Far East University continued to organize talent training projects such as "leading projects "," winning and selling elite vitality camp" . A total of nearly 140 training sessions has been organized, with over 1,000 hours of class teaching, nearly 15,000 participants, and the beneficiaries will cover management cadres, core employees, distributors and friends at all levels.

  The company adhere to make assignment to the whole industry chain, and serve the entire community of corporate universities. In August, jointly with the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology talent exchange center of the far east, linkage numerous industry bench marking enterprise, and gathering top experts and scholars, the company hold the "A senior lecture hall - manufacturing digital transformation workshop", which helps nurture more digital and technology talents and fuel strategic transformation of Far East university to be a export-oriented enterprise university.

  The "Relay 100" talent training plan has been steadily promoted, the fifth phase of Relay 100 has been successfully completed and officially started to work, and the "Relay 100" campus recruitment in 2021 has been officially launched.

  The talent effect again emerged. The 2020 "Taihu Talent Program" list was announced, and four high-quality talents from the Far East were selected.

  Culture blooms

  Promote cultural landing, and rally upward forces

  Times are changing, but the culture of the Far East remains unchanged. In 2020, the company of the Far East Department will fully coordinate and form an annual corporate culture implementation case. Under the guidance of unified planning, more than 200 corporate culture activities will be carried out around quality culture, performance culture, caring culture, struggle culture, integrity culture and innovation culture.


  In May, the 35th anniversary of Far East Holding and the 2019 Person of the Year Award Ceremony were held grandly. People from the Far East gathered together to recall the past and look forward to the future.

  In October, the fourth "Far East Day" was held on schedule with the theme of "Better Life Is Because of You". During the event, a special and heart-warming group wedding was held.

  On the Far East Day of 2020, the industry's first drama micro film "In the Name of Light" was officially released, and hundreds of thousands of online and offline audiences experienced Far East culture together. This is a vivid presentation of the elegance of the people in Far East, and also a sublimation of the culture of the Far East.

  Awarded by the first Chinese family business, Far East Holdings has won the Family style Award and become the outstanding representative of tens of millions of entrepreneurial families. The Jiang family strive to build family and run enterprises with righteous.

  Public welfare charity

  Always maintain patriotism, and help accurate poverty alleviation

  With great love in mind and the considering well-being of the people, the Far East continues to devote itself to public welfare and charity to bring about common prosperity for more people. In 2020, the Far East Charity Foundation donated nearly 10 million yuan, and continued to provide employment for the disabled, and was awarded "Advanced Collective for Helping the Disabled in Jiangsu Province".

  In the public welfare activity "Heart-warming Home Appliance Package" organized by the Civil Affairs Department in Jiangsu Province, the Far East Charity Foundation donated home appliance packages for 1000 poor families to help targeted poverty alleviation.

  The Fifth National Forum on "Five Initiatives and Innovation" for People with Disabilities was successfully held. Representatives from all walks of life gathered here to listen to life stories and explore charitable patterns. At the forum, Far East Charity Foundation signed an official contract with Changsha Disabled Persons' Federation on the entrepreneurship assistance point project, opening 30 new entrepreneurship assistance points. To date, the Far East Charity Foundation has set up 286 start-up centers in many places such as Beijing, Nanjing, Zhoukou, Changsha and other cities.

  It was a year of steadfast steps, a year of sonorous steps,

  In the New Year,

  Let's dream of passion, innovation and excellence,

  With the ultimate products and services,

  Keep moving towards the great goal of being one but two!

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